I am migrating an audio project from T3.6 to T4, and have run into a problem in relation to USB isolators. I don't need high rates as I'm only transferring midi data, and have been using an inexpensive ADUM4136 based isolator very successfully with the T3.6. However the T4 must be sending the USB midi data out much quicker because the mid data received from the T4 is severely corrupted when I insert the isolator in the USB path.

Assuming that's the problem, is there a way to slow down the Teensy USB transfer rate (without affecting anything else)? This would be my preferred solution because that way I can keep using the same isolators. Alternatively, is there a specific but inexpensive USB isolator that works well with the T4? Moving to a high cost isolator is not an option, nor is limiting the USB speed on the computer side because the solution needs to work for non-technical users.

I saw some older threads related to this but am hoping that now the T4 has been around for longer there would be an effective solution.

p.s. another reason I think it's likely that it's the fast T4 USB rate that's the problem is that when the computer sends midi data to the Teensy, the isolator works fine.