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Thread: Not stacking 4.1 audio board

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    Not stacking 4.1 audio board

    Hi all

    Am I likely to suffer any issues by placing the Teensy 4.# audio board to the side of the 4.1?

    I cannot fit it above or below, as my 1U rack unit doesn't have the space.

    I plan to run the leads directly from under the 4.1 across to the audio board, keeping them as short as possible (<50mm).
    I will only run across the basic pins that I require (not all of them)


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    I am not an EE, but I would think that should work fine. Also I don't use the Audio that often.

    But for example, my current MMod board I set up such that I could use it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I put in a connector to the side of the MMOD, that allows me to plug in things like the Audio board and it worked fine.

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    Also, a ref note: PJRC BETA PCB's have been shipped for 4.x's that had two socket footprints where one held the 4.0 or 4.1 and the second accommodated the Audio board. And another with three socket header sets that allowed for use as KurtE notes. Those were small runs to few users - but one of them was PJRC in house testing as the Rev B Audio evolved to the Rev C for 3.x and Rev D version for the T_4.x.

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    OK. I will try it.
    On my prototype they were stacked, but the 1U enclosure is just too tight to get them above each other.

    It also makes getting to the SD card a lot easier anyway.

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