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Thread: Idea for Audio Tool page enhancement

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    Idea for Audio Tool page enhancement

    In order to more easily manipulate multiple channels in my synthesizer project, I coded this:
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated *WaveformMod[MAX_CHANNELS]={&waveformMod1, &waveformMod2, &waveformMod3, &waveformMod4};
    used by indexing to address a particular channel like this:
    This also works well with faders and mixers.

    Perhaps there could be an (optional?) automated way to generate these object arrays from the Audio Tool?
    It takes some time to copy/paste and edit them manually... I am thankful for the tool as-is, but I love automation replacing drudgery.

    - Wes, W5ZZO

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    Wes: take a look at the work that manicksan has done <(start here - but make sure to read thru the entire thread for his latest work)> which might help with what you are after . . . I have not used it myself, but he did use an earlier version of my TeensyMIDIPolySynth to build one of his examples, so it should simplify things greatly.

    Mark J Culross

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    Thanks, Mark. That looks promising.
    Maybe I'll get a lot of work done on this today, because the bands are (relatively) lousy.

    - Wes, W5ZZO

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