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Thread: query about teensy

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    query about teensy

    Hello ,i am new here. I am trying to make a flight computer using MPU6050 gyro sensor, BMP390 and GPS module NEO-8MN. i used them with esp32 and it took great time than expected to process data from each sensors in one iteration. now hearing about the processing speed and applications of Teensy boards, i want to use it for faster response. can teensy gets me what i need?

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    This is long and old thread using T_3.6 :

    It was doing GPS at 10/sec and IIRC could sustain 500 9 DOF at 500+ cycles per second (A T_3.5 IIRC was capable over 400/sec) while doing full calculations as discussed on that thread.

    Using a T_4.x it should be capable of more calculations between the sampling.

    That 500/sec came when all the data was also being sent off using SPI to a second Teensy where it used all of it cycles receiving the resulting data and pushing it out USB to a PC for viewing.

    That thread shows the names of users involved - not sure of newer threads using T_4.x - but Brian on that thread is actively involved with flight control doing this with Teensy.

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    Yes, we do professional flight control and data acquisition systems with Teensy and it works great, especially with the dual precision FPU on Teensy 4.x. Depends on how fast of a response you're looking for, it typically takes our systems a little over 1 ms to collect sensor data and perform state estimation. We typically run our flight control systems at 100 Hz (10 ms frame period) and our data acquisition systems at 200 Hz (5 ms frame period). Keep in mind that we've been doing this for a while and generally optimize the hardware and software to work well for these applications. We set a fixed latency between sensing and actuation for our flight control systems to 90% of the frame period (i.e. 9 ms).

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