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Thread: marlin on teensy4.1 w/o a carrier(?) board

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    marlin on teensy4.1 w/o a carrier(?) board


    Like she says up there, the goal here is to tether some driver modules direct to the 4.1 with some wires and run my limit switches and probes straight to her as well. Same with a mosfet board for my hotend. Point is to take it all direct to the 4.1 dev board and not use a dedicated controller board.

    The plan here is to make some spaghetti.
    Bunch of crap hanging off a dev board.

    I ask you, dear whomever, are there any glaring flaws with this plan? I understand marlin supports the 4.1. I have no experience beyond 8bit, but I can steal code snippets with the best of them. Just need to know if this is possible or not.

    I also welcome any ideas or really anything else you may have to add.

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    Hi and welcome.

    Well, spaghetti jumpers directly connected to the Teensy board? Sounds a bit extreme.
    I would suggest using at least a protoboard, so you can test everything with a breadboard and then replicate 1:1 in a more robust/reliable way, with mounting holes as well:

    I use them a lot.


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    If you thought that was extreme I am glad I did not mention my plan to encapsulate the entire octopus and stick the whole mess into a fish bowl for cooling..

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    Found grblhal.
    Seems a better option.
    Thanks for the help!

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