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Thread: pl011 full uart ttyAMA0 vs mini uart ttyS0 and general serial reliabilty

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    pl011 full uart ttyAMA0 vs mini uart ttyS0 and general serial reliabilty


    Im working on a project which involves sending serial commands from a raspi 4 to a teensy 4.1 pins 0 and 1 (serial1 i think). Current using unshilded 3 core ribbon cable twisted and its about 25cm if that.

    One of our concerns is not dropping serial bytes.

    We are planning on running a test, but in general, how reliable are serial connections? Currently we are running 57600 baud and have not as yet detected drops.

    When we were first connecting the 2 systems, we managed to get ttyS0 connected (without really knowing much else about it) which it now turns out is described as low throughput for console use. So Im then thinking I should be using the PL011 on the raspi.

    Are the extra features likely to be worth the hassle? Looking at the teensys m7 datasheet it looks as thought the chip supports a proper 'full uart'.

    Do the normal teensy serial libraries support these extra features, like parity or longer serial frame lengths?

    I think that ultimately the mini Uart will probably go fast enough (the raspi manual suggests the max speed could be 250mhz/8=31.25 Mbit which is way beyond what we need, and doesnt really sound like low through put to me...1 Mbit or so would do the job nicely.


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    I think that if you read this it will help.

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