I have some projects I am interested in pushing forward to make simple HID units that are easily identifiable with a number of different names and inputs/outputs.
Nothing very complex, but it requires repeated hacks of the USB header files etc. (Rather beyond my skill set)

I assume someone could build a library on the Teensy code that was somewhat like the Generic HID project that worked with Teensy 2.00+ but not any Non-atmel chips. You could define the number of inputs and outputs and programmatically fill them with the data from the pins, but without the overhead of having to do all the HID work. Doesn't need all the sexy graphics in Generic HID, but you could set the inputs and outputs and the usages in setup(), rather than having to change the header files?

Either that or make a series of simple joystick type devices with a different name strings and different inputs/outputs.

Does anyone have information or plans in this direction.

Could someone do it or assist me for some Beer/Chips/$$