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Thread: ATX Cable for multiple potentiometers

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    ATX Cable for multiple potentiometers


    I'm currently working on a MIDI controller with 32 potentiometers. I want to design a PCB which has a multiplexer on it, in order to "extend" the amount of pins.
    In total, Im going to use four of these PCBs to read out the 32 potis.
    One PCB is reading out 8 potentiometers. Right now I'm looking for a proper way to connect the potis to the PCB. I was thinking about using an IDC connector but I also thought about using these ATX cables for this purpose, especially because they have a clamp which makes the connections less likely to get loose.
    My question is whether I can use the ATX cable for the potis or should I stick to IDC.

    Here is a link to the one I found:

    Thank you in advance!

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    You can get IDC sockets with clamps on them which stop the plugs coming out.

    I might have got the plug and socket the wrong way around but you should get the gist of what I am saying.

    I would stick to double row IDC plug/sockets. That way the contacts on one side of the plug/socket can be connected together and wired to ground.

    In doing this every other IDC wire acts as a ground shield/separator, helping signal integrity.

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