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Thread: Problem when uploading program to T4.1 in IDE 2.0.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulStoffregen View Post
    @Defragster - please start a new thread regarding any issues other than this problem where Arduino 2.0.2's Upload becomes disabled. Maybe edit msg #13 & msg #14 to be just a link to that new thread? Let's keep this thread only about the issue where Upload gets disabled (for reasons as-yet unknown...)
    Paul - I created a new thread... I have not edited the ones above. Probably Defragster would be better at transferring the applicable information from those postings into the other thread.

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    Arduino has opened issue #1772 regarding this problem (Upload menu disabled, not the new thread about lack of serial monitor screen refresh)

    Since the issue specifically mentions 4 Arduino brand products affected, seems likely they'll fix it sooner rather than later.

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    Indeed, KurtE caught the 'new thread' note before I saw it - moved those long 'repro' posts over ... New thread is: Arduino-IDE2-Serial-Monitor-sometimes-does-not-work-continue-from-Upload-Thread

    Just came back from 'title' scanning open IDE 2 issues and didn't see anything covering that issue - got as far as the olde issue I created where 'Serial Print Speed' sketch at 480 Mbps won't allow disable of AUtoScroll.

    Looked at issue\1508 and that is a 'port open by other' conflict that doesn't apply. Perhaps will make cleaner sketch and post there and if clear repro open an IDE issue ...

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