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Thread: VL53L4CX time of flight sensor issue

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    VL53L4CX time of flight sensor issue

    I have been working with the VL53L4CX with the stm library for it

    Has anyone here been successfully in gathering meaningful data for it? Mine keeps giving me 0m no matter how I edit the example VL53L4CX_Sat_HelloWorld code.

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    Have you run an I2C scanner to verify that the device is being detected on address 0x29?


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    Do you have Xshut tied to gnd? Floating may be a problem as well.

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    Which sensor? Do you have a link to it?
    Which Teensy?
    Which library? Which You mntioned STM, and I see that Adafruit directs you to the

    So assuming that one?

    How do you have it hooked up?

    I don't think I have one of these, if I did it would probably be:
    I do have the sprkfun L5 (
    Which I have used the Sparkfun version of library for this one.

    Have you removed the protective plastic from the sensor? At least mine came with it and there were instructions to do so.

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