Hey all,

I have tried to search as much as possible on this issues but have not found a resolution. The snooze library hasn't been updated for some time, I am hoping there may be still some support for it here.

Current project using Teensy 4.0, Audio shield and the snooze library works perfect with (sleep) however when changing to (deepSleep) / (hibernate) the t4.0 reboot loops.
I have stumbled on multiple bits of info regarding this, that the I2S wakes the sleep as soon as it is initiated. I have seen on T3.6 there are solutions to disable the I2S clock when going to sleep, then enabling when wake which prevents this.

Is there a solution for the T4.0 to allow it to enter (deepSleep) when paired with the Audio shield?

I apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge, I am fairly new to this world and would love a bit of an explanation as to how the solution works (If there is one) to better my knowledge.