Dear Paul,

I have been using your Teensy 2.0 for my MidiJoy project ( for almost ten years now. All this time, I have always bought the original product manufactured by PJRC because I really admire and want to support your work (not only on the Teensy, but also for the coding community with all the libraries you have worked on).

Therefore, I was saddened to read that since mid-2022, production of the Teensy 2.0 has ceased. I know that you have annouced this well in advance that this day may come sooner or later, but still my project relies on it because of the Teensy's capability to act as a MIDI device, and now I'm looking for a way to continue with my project. I don't want to buy Teensy 2.0 clones if there are other (mid- to long-term) options (I know of EXP-TECH and others, but they only have a few boards left and probably won't get more supply from you either).

So when searching the net, I found this GitHub issue ( where you mentioned that you would consider publishing the HalfKay bootloader for the Teensy 2.0 once it is no longer produced by PJRC. Would that be something that you would still consider? Or what would you recommend in my situation (except from completely redesigning my project to use a different microcontroller)?

One way or the other, thanks a lot for inventing and producing this great little microcontroller over all these years!