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Thread: Job posting -- Code migration from T3.5 to 4.1

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    Job posting -- Code migration from T3.5 to 4.1

    Hi Everyone,

    I知 looking for an experienced SW engineer to perform a code migration from a teensy 3.5 to a 4.1.
    The code is for a custom datalogger that collects data from several sensor and records them in a SDcard. In theory not so complicated, with the exception that the timing is really critical. The time sync code works with the 1PPS sync from the GPS and is very important that this function stays intact.

    I知 not going lie, the code is really messy as it has been written by several different SW engineers thought the years. The plan is to do a scratch rewrite of everything sometime this year, however, I do need this old code to work with the Teensy 4.1 in order for me to keep testing the prototypes of my new product design.

    I知 unable to send you a hardware for testing as I only have one for now, but I can leave the HW connected to a PC with a remote desktop app for you to test the code.

    Of course this is a paid job, but I do require a committed fixed cost and not a cost per hour.
    Happy to share the code if you are interested in this job offer.

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    I may be able to help you. I've been working on a T3.5 project and maintaining compatibility with T4.1. Feel free to send me a PM with your email address.

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