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Thread: problem with 4.0

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    playback through lappy not to bad hit or miss if file loads but cant hear the greeting via the phone hand set but do hear a bleep tone

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    can't get greeting to play at all cant even see where u can increase the gain either only get a long single bleep even put the greeting directly onto the sd card in wav 16bit, pcm, 44100 got the mic working super fine like to put on my own messages, in the code
    it says below but it does nothing ???
    void loop() {
    // First, read the buttons

    case Mode::Ready:
    // Falling edge occurs when the handset is lifted --> 611 telephone
    if (buttonRecord.fallingEdge()) {
    Serial.println("Handset lifted");
    mode = Mode::Prompting; print_mode();
    else if(buttonPlay.fallingEdge()) {

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