My background is Application- and Webdevelopment, so I tend to be wasteful with memory. With my Sequencer-Project I am hitting the memory limit (during compile time) over and over again, so I would like to make the "code" smaller, as there are still some screens and features left, that I want to add.

teensy_size: Memory Usage on Teensy 4.1:
teensy_size:   FLASH: code:415504, data:55792, headers:8572   free for files:7646596
teensy_size:    RAM1: variables:108480, code:329504, padding:30944   free for local variables:55360
teensy_size:    RAM2: variables:18400  free for malloc/new:505888
This is after I tried to clean up
Are there any resources, books etc. you can recommend?
I am reading heavily on OOP in my programming, trying to make it easier to build the UI.

I have tons of different screens, that I need to display, currently around 30, reusing a lot of code for rendering and passing UI Events around, but also with its own input and output handling, as every screen is doing different things.

I already tried to compile with -Os without any change in the result.