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Thread: Several I2S microphones on Teensy 4, using CircuitPyhton?

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    Several I2S microphones on Teensy 4, using CircuitPyhton?

    Hi everyone
    This is my (almost) first post in this forum. I'm more familiar with Arduino and ESP32 stuff, but for a work project I'd like to try and connect several microphones on a Teensy 4 board, to do signal processing (speech enhancement using AI).
    My main questions are:
    • Is it possible to connect several microphones on a single Teensy board? Do I need to use a multiplexer?
    • Do I need one Audio Adaptor board for each microphone ?
    • What microphone would you suggest for best use on a Teensy? I already have one of these Adafruit I2S MEMS Microphone Breakout - SPH0645LM4H: is it a good choice?
    • Is there any CircuitPython library that I could use for sound acquisition with this microphone array?

    Thank you for your help.

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    The audio library works with Arduino but not Python. It can support up to 10 channels, 8 on the first I2S port (using 4 data input pins) and 2 more on the second I2S port.

    This 31 page tutorial can help you get started with using audio on Teensy.

    Maybe skip to 8 page to learn how the design tool works. There's also a full walkthrough video, in case you get stuck or just want to watch (but actually doing the tutorial is of course the best way to learn).

    SPH0645LM4H works. Here's a prior conversation about using it.

    Because this microphone has some minor issues, an example was added to the audio library. In Arduino, you can open it with File > Examples > Audio > HardwareTesting > Microphones > SPH0645. Or you can see the code here:

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