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Thread: Submersible well pump controller project feasibility

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    Submersible well pump controller project feasibility

    Looking for some general advice - feasibility, parts - and eventually code.

    I have a low flow well that feeds into a large holding tank from which the house system is pressurized. Daily, we tap the tank to see how full/empty it is and then we have to manually turn on/off the breaker that powers the well controller.

    I have HC-SR04 (Ultrasonic distance sensor) that my internet searches tell me can be used to monitor the water level in the holding tank and activate something downstream to turn on the pump. Much discussion about motor controllers, etc. but I'm not interested in redesigning a working pump controller system.

    Would it be possible to design a system using the HC-SR04 and a Teensy that could flip the 240v two-pole breaker on/off that turns on the pump based on the sensor input? Lots of information on 240v relays but they seem to refer to the relay driving motor controllers. Is there such a relay that could replace the breaker?

    Thanks, Tom

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    Websearch for contactor, a relay built more like a breaker. A colleague used an expensive ultrasonic sensor to handle a similar setup, condensation and spiders were it's undoing.
    A submersible "throw" type pressure sensor on the end of a cable and you toss it in the tank like here:-
    is gonna have better long-term reliability.

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    Edit: I just realised WA doesn't stand for Western Australia.
    Your're probably free to shoot a hole in your tank and wire up whatever you like.

    I'm all for doing projects for the sake of it but for things I actually want to work reliably I would only make it as complicated as it needs to be. For anything involving mains you need to know what you're doing or need to pay someone who does. What you're wanting todo is easily acheived. The only way you could legally do it is if your project didn't involve connecting to 240VAC in any way. Maybe a robot arm the drives up to your switchboard and turns off the breaker. Otherwise I'd use something like the following:
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    (probably n/c needed)
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