I'm investigating the RF modules world at the moment, especially the Hoperf products and I'm a little bit confused cause i don't really understand the differences between the different references:
rfm22, rfm69, rfm95, How to choose?
I plan to use them in a project to manage a wireless communication between 4 teensy 4.1 (they will be max 70m from eachother, exchanging very small messages (max 8bytes))
I need the highest possible speed with some security and also the lowest possible latency.
I've been able to play with some rfm22b recently, using RadioHead library, configured as a mesh network, 250kb/s, gfsk. I got a latency around 2ms which is quite good for me.
So i think they can do the job. But is the rfm69 the replacement part for rfm22?
On a new project in 2023, does it make sence to use rfm22? Should I use rfm69? And what about those rfm95?
Thanks for your help