Animation precision & outstanding visual quality has been my prioritiy and I am happy to report that I met this goals.

In the video I discuss & show basic polar & cartesian manipulations and how chaining some simple equations together can already produce interesting looking procedural animations.

In case you are new to this topic you might see some interesting things shown.

This code and tutorial series is the beginning of a software modular synthesizer for matrix animations. The vision is to constantly add new modules, concepts and functionality. The future goal is that any output signal can be fed back as any input signal in very creative ways.

I consider this project as an ongoing crowd sourced co-creation. The mission is to make the easy creation of more beautiful animations more accessible and by that creating more beauty in the world.

I知 fully aware that the code (style and structure and all of it) is very far from good and honestly pretty much on the level of a hobbyist with an interest in math. I知 sure there are so many performance and design optimizations possible and in general a better way to write this.

Nevertheless I知 proud of the visual quality it produces and that I achieved what I wanted to have to start with. I consider this project as just starting and I知 exited where this journey might lead to.

You are very welcome to roast my code or contribute constructive suggestions
- I知 really keen to learn and get better at designing software. My coding skills are not on par yet with my creative mind lets-hack-this-together attitude. But anyway this early result is very satisfying regarding output quality.

(Teensy with FPU required, the precision and smoothness of the rendering comes from intense float usage)