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Thread: How to use fgetc() with Teensy?

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    How to use fgetc() with Teensy?

    How can I use like this code with teensy?

    ch = getc(in_file);
      /*convert the one digit integer currently represented as a character to
        an integer(48 == '0')*/
      while(getc(in_file) != '\n');             /* skip to end of line*/
      while (getc(in_file) == '#')              /* skip comment lines */
        while (getc(in_file) != '\n');          /* skip to end of comment line */

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    Are you asking how to read characters from a file (if so which library are you using?), or more generally how to do ad-hoc parsing of a stream/file?

    I note that code is broken, for instance:
      while(getc(in_file) != '\n');
    Will loop forever at the end of a file...

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