Coming from a webdesign background, I had completely no experience with microcontrollers, C, or anything like a technical/electronics education.
I am comfortable with PHP, SQL and CSS, and a tiny amount .NET experience, but since I have received my Teensy 3.0 on december 31st 2012 I have been learning (experimenting) a lot more than I would ever believe to be possible.
Nonetheless, I still feel like a 5 year old asking silly questions to all the 'grown-ups' around on the forum here.
(thank you all for your patience with me!)

The first time I heard about the Teensy was in a video by Irongeek (and site http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/programmable-hid-usb-keystroke-dongle)
When I realized what could be done with a keystroke logger I checked the Projects list, found the amazing Laser-Ball, and fell in love with that vid.

I ordered my Teensy straight from PJRC.com even though I live in the Netherlands because I read a lot about counterfeit teensy's being sold, but the next time I will order from Floris.cc.
Faster delivery and delivery costs a bit cheaper too ;)

At first I played with both Kautilya and Irongeek's PHUKD library, but quite quickly reverted to a mix of my own code with a few of the PHUKD library's functions.
This was a pentesting setup that could start a UAC enabled powershell window hidden below the active taskbar without being displayed in the taskbar.
There was no need to start a cmd.exe process first, since it was all coded to start from a WINKEY + R instead of the search field inside the start menu.
Once connected it would run the powershell, evaluate which windows version + which architecture was being used, then write out a reverse staged powershell backdoor, which was secured with an AES encrypted password file (if the file cannot be opened, the backdoor doesn't function anymore).
From the moment of connecting the Teensy 3.0 it takes 17 sec. to have the script completed and unplug the Teensy.

Once this was properly tested on several Windows machines I am running myself and a few my friends allowed me to test on their machines, I had to find a new project, a new goal to reach...
At this time I was playing a game called Fallout... and one of the first things that came to mind was the PIP-BOY 3000 wristcomputer that features prominently in the game.

This is still a work in progress, and if you're still interested in reading more, check out this topic:

I want to thank you for your interest in me and taking the time to read this.
I also want to thank all the people on this forum (which probably means you too) for all the support I've been given to make my project succeed, I couldn't have done this without any of you!

With kind regards,


P.S. I am willing to share any code I have (re)written, EXCEPT for my pentesting scripts.
These can easily be used for malicious purposes, something I do not wish to have any involvement/association with...


Networking, Security, Webdesign


If the above doesn't make it clear yet....
Yes, I am new to electronics :X