Converted FCB1010 Drum machine for Practice with Friends - Teensy Modification

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I play guitar with some friends, none of who are drummers. We also have to play quietly to keep the neighbours happy. So I have made a drum machine using the FCB1010 and by replacing the internal Microcontroller with a Teensy and audio board. This video shows how it works. Great for practicing the multitude of tracks we play.

Different Styles of Beat and BPM.
Optional Song Count in.
Expression Pedal for changing complexity of beat
Expression Pedal for adding humanity (Probability of certain extra beats)

Very cool ... is there any particular reason you decided to completely re-wire the pedal, rather than just send its MIDI output to the Teensy for processing?

Minor correction to your hardware video #3, at 3:59 and 4:11. A surface mount resistor is typically marked with two digits and a power-of-ten multiplier, so the 221 marking means a 22x101 = 220R resistance; 103 would be 10k, and so on.
I had already converted it to a synth during Covid lockdown for something to do. I wasn't using it, so it became a drum machine for practice with friends.
Thanks for the info on the surface mount resistors.