Help needed using Teensy 3.6 and OctoWS2811 for large array

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I am attempting to use teensy 3.6 and octows2811 to build a display that runs off of the SD card and drives about 5000 WS2813 or WS2815 LEDs. The LED and Power Supply portion is not a problem since my work involves static LED installations. I am not a programmer and the various steps needed to prepare the file, get it on the SD, and finally have the teensy actually do something with it is pretty overwhelming. I am looking for any help I can get, particularlly anyone interested in taking on this part of the project (software/configuration) as a consultant?

I would love to learn it all but get pulled into too many other things to spend the required time. The eventual outcome of this project will be backlighting for silicon edged fabric graphic displays in retail locations.

Found this example from an old post post #244

the post has a link to this video this is pretty much what I am looking to do.

The application uses low-resolution 25.4mm or 37.5 mm pitch on the LEDs to convey motion behind a graphic, the idea would be to have the ability to change the pattern by using information stored on the SD card, this seems possible but not being a software guy I don't know if that makes sense or not. I have seen Paul's video of the array running video, is converting animated gifs, or videos a practical way to do this, looking for ideas

The LED array will be 12" x 12" tiles with a serpentine pattern of 1 " pitch LEDs or a roller shade of 1.5" pitch LEDs on 15mm wide X 610 mm long boards strung 1.5 inches apart with wire, similar methods are used to backlight statically lightboxes.

Appreciate any and all help
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