How to use different audio objects not in the design tool

Hi, another basic question I'm afraid on my Teensy journey (running headfirst into brick wall after brick wall)

I have a simple effect which is using the delay object in the design tool. If i wanted to use a different delay that someone else had made for example, is it just a case of putting the .cpp and .h files into my Arduino library folder, using #include, then replacing all mention of 'delay1' in the code with the name of the alternative delay object? I can't seem to get this working so i'm obviously misunderstanding something basic.

Also, i notice on the forum people post screen shots of their design tool GUI which have objects that aren't in the standard library. How are they uploading these into the GUI? Or is there another version of the GUI i can't find?

Many thanks
It should be possible to add the custom code to your libraries, but I think you need to put it "one level down":
2024-02-21 13_43_59-E__Jonathan_Arduino_libraries_custom.png

I can #include "custom.h" or #include "not-custom.h" in a sketch, and the Arduino search process finds them OK.

The Design Tool GUI is part of the Audio library (in the gui sub-folder). It's a bit of a pain, but possible, to edit the index.html file to include new objects and documentation - I usually try to do this when I make something public.

Even more of a pain is when you accumulate multiple objects from different authors, and need to merge them all into one GUI. If you're prepared to learn to use git to merge things than that's probably the way to go.
Ok thank you for the reply, that's probably a bit more involved than i am capable of. The only reason for wanted to try to include someone elses delay object for example is because i can't seem to get the design tool delay to behave when i try to change the delay time with an analog read of a pot. Seems like such a basic thing so i don't know whether i'm doing something wrong or if its because of how the delay object code works.