phase modulation + frequency modulation at the same time

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I have build a synth with FM synthesis. I learned on this forum that FM synthesis was actually Phase Modulation. And indeed using phase modulation produces very consistant and musical results. So I have configured my carrier oscillator using the following setting :

On this synth, I also have an LFO to add some vibrato (slow frequency modulation). I noticed that it doesn't work well if I use :

instead of

Any idea to use my LFO plus FM(phase) synthesis ?

Thank you
The AudioSynthWaveformModulated only supports a single modulation stream so can only do one
of FM or PM at one time.

You'd have to write a more general version with two modulation streams in to do this, combining
the modulations.
if you look at my response to the previous thread you started, the code I posted does what MarkT mentions. the Waveformodulated2 class accepts two modulation inputs which allows you to get vibrato.
Murdog, would you please give me a few explanations with the way to use Waveformodulated2 ?
Do I have to simply replace and rename the original class with yours ?
I rarely dig in theses directions and it not obvious for me ...
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