[posted] Scope Clock displays time on 3" round CRT, plays Pong, Tetris etc.

My latest project to use a Teensy is a reboot of my Scope Clock. This is a product hat I first made 20 years ago, to display the time on a 3" round oscilloscope CRT. It has been redesigned to use a Teensy 3.6's dual DACs instead of an analog Lissajous circle generator.
There are several clock faces available, both digital and analog. A haiku library provides soothing thoughts. Pong and Tetris may be played using the knobs as game paddles. Tetris still needs work, since the code I borrowed was written for an LED matrix and pushbuttons, not a vector display and knobs.
A USB host port is provided for a GPS receiver or a gamepad.
I plan to publish the source code as soon as the clock goes on sale, since it's fun to be able to teach your clock to do new things. Asteroids, anyone?