60Hz+ display refresh rate?


Hey all, I'm looking to build a handheld game console for my kids. I made one a few years back, but displays+drivers back then only hit around ~30Hz screen refresh reliably (for an entire screen). I'm wondering in the current day, if there is a teensy + display combo that could reliably maintain 60Hz or even more. I don't need a ton of pixels, around 128x128 8-bit color would be ok.

Thanks for any advice!

Edit: Doing a bit of digging, and it looks like the ILI9341 sports a (hypothetical?) framerate of 100Hz+ Has anyone actually tried pushing it that far, maybe with a teensy4?
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You can definitely get well over 60fps at 16bit color with an ILI9341 using https://github.com/vindar/ILI9341_T4.

That said, the true frame rate (and how "solid" it is) will come down to how much detail you have per frame, and how you go about scheduling everything your app is doing in loop{}.