audio library class

Hi I am new to teensy and the audio library. I have watched the teensy audio workshop and some nice youtube items by Notes and Volts. I had a look around but I did not find a list of Pubic member functions for the Teensy audio library. Could someone point me in the right direction please?

First, you should revise your spelling - “Pubic” member functions are perhaps not what you are really looking for... :D

Second, take a look onto the graphic design tool for the audio library. After selecting and placing an object from the left column, a description of its public member functions will be displayed in the right column.
Thank you for the replies. I much prefer the method used in the design tool, it's a really useful contextualisation, I just didn't think to start looking there.
My apologies for the unfortunate typographical error. My eyes and brain aren't what they used to be
best wishes