Can the Teensy 2.0 send messages every 2.5 millisec with 200uS pulses?


I am very new!

I am wanting to use a Teensy 2.0 to scan an SK-1 synth's keyboard matrix, in order to add MIDI to the SK-1

The SK-1's select lines are scanned every 2.5 milliseconds with pulses 200 microseconds in length.

Can the Teensy 2.0 be programmed to send out signals at this speed?

And where in the Spec's of the 2.0, or any other Teensy board, would I be able to tell what the max scanning rate could be?


Please see attachment for finer details if my question isn't clear.


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This question is sort of like asking if a paintbrush can be used to paint a particular work of art. The answer is probably, given enough time and effort and skill. Teensy 2.0 (discontinued some time ago) could probably do it, though like painting you'd be working with a fairly coarse brush. Might be easier if using a more modern board like Teensy 4.0 which runs much faster.

At 16 MHz clock on Teensy 2.0, you get 3200 cycles per 200us pulse. That's a pretty good amount, but of course it all depends on exactly what your code will try to do during those 200us, and your skill at writing efficient code.

What precisely your code will attempt to do is a pretty big unknown to me or (probably) anyone else who would try to answer. I hope you can understand how such uncertainty tends to make answering difficult and causes most people to just move on to the next thread without spending their time writing a not-too-useful answer, like this message.
Hi Paul,
thank you for respondng!
The reason I chose the 2.0 is that the device I am trying to work with runs on 5v, and I need to integrate with a matrix requiring multiple pins on the Teensy to send/recieve 5v impulses.
I'd be happy to use an updated Teensy board if I could wrap my head around how to convert multiple outputs to 5v.
Is there a better way?