Can't install teensyduino on IDE 2.2.2


No the instructions to load don't quite work for my version, do I just have to use an older version? When I pull up preferences there is no reference to board mangment and the board manager functions do not recognize the provided link nor can I search and find it at all.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Version 2.2.1 is the latest stable release. I downloaded the nightly build from Arduino's website just now. It says versions 2.2.2-nightly-20231130. That ought to be the very latest.

Indeed it has the same "Additional boards manager URLs" in Preferences as all prior versions. Here's a screenshot.

In this screenshot you can see a slightly different URL than the one recommended on the download and install page. It's from this forum thread where we're testing alternate compression for the next release. For long term use, you should use the normal URL rather than copy precisely from this screenshot, as these special URLs are just for short-term testing.

I probably should have put it back to the normal URL before making this screenshot... but I really just downloaded the nightly build, ran it, clicked Preferences and then took this screenshot. Later realize it had the unusual URL from compression testing.
Thanks for the lightning fast response! I hear you have done a lot for the open source community so thank you for that as well.