Compiler for Teensy C code?

There's a newer version of that code build into Teensyduino. Just use the Arduino IDE and select RawHID from Tools > USB Type.
I'm interested in playing with this:
What's the suggested compiler (and/or IDE) for working with Teensy C code?

After you get your feet wet with the Arduino IDE for Teensy 2, Teensy 3, and if you wish for a more sophisticated IDE later, there are several free ones, including Eclipse, Visual Micro (a plugin for Atmel Visual Studio 6). I use the latter. Indeed with it, you can use the same code files with either IDE.
I have played with the Teensyduino RawHID sample. Problem with that is setting my own VID/PID values and Mfr/Prod strings.
I'm aware of Teensy 3.x's usb_names.h, and have played with it a bunch, but have never been able to get that to work. So I thought to punt on the Arduino env and just do raw C++ where I get to define the USB values right there in my file.
But I'd absolutely use the Teensyduino version if usb_names.h worked... any progress on that?