DAC recommendations for Digital Oscillator project.


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Hi, I'm designing a quad digital VCO that takes inspiration from MI Edges. I can see from the schematic it is using a Microchip MCP3208 ADC and MCP4822 DAC. The MCP4822 is only dual but Edges has 5 audio outs, so how is it doing this?

I'm interested to follow this example but have also been looking at some other DACS - the MCP4728 I see is well documented, and the octal version MCP47CVB28 looks good. Also Analog Devices offerings like the 16 bit Octal/Quad AD5668 and AD5754. I have found arduino libraries for these linked below.

I find I'm not having problems finding DAC options but as a beginner finding documented examples and with supported drivers is a problem. I am looking for some DAC recommendations to get me started for quad - octal and then I can develop my understanding from there. The MCP4728 I'm reading is I2C which is not ideal for audio - is it okay for wave outputs? I read also on here someone doing a project using the MCP4728 for LFO output saying it was too slow when writing updates. Should I then look at I2, SIP DACS?

Looking for an easy way to get started in this DAC learning journey.

Arduino libraries

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> The MCP4822 is only dual but Edges has 5 audio outs, so how is it doing this?

Out 4, which can be a triangle wave, uses the DAC; outs 1 to 3 are digital pulses so don't need a DAC. Out 5 is simply the analog mixture of the other four.