How to change sample rate by use "sgtl5000"

The basic library does not forsee to change the I2S sampling rate. You have to augment to library code.
我參考使用 I2S_modification(fsamps[fr],32) 和 SGTL5000_modification(fr) 的範例,但仍無法變更取樣率。
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Then I found this. Does it mean that 8K cannot be used, or that I am missing some operations?
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Yes, you are missing SYS_FS and MCLK_FREQ, also in CHIP_CLK_CTRL which sets the clock, this in combination with the RATE_MODE determines the sample rate, see datasheet table 18. I think you'll need to reduce the MCLK frequency sent to the chip to get the lowest sample rates though.

But why not simply over-sample?