LM1875 - Huge PSU issue


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Hi all.
I have a lovely 9 way DIN module here, and I planned to use it to make a stereo LM1875 amp with it.

Searched around, found loads of circuits and I don't think I will have too much issue there.

But the power supply has me stumped. I just cannot source anything that will fit inside a Din rail module. Toroidal transformers although ideal are just too huge.
I am not aiming for any particular 'spec', but from what I read, the PSU wants to be a decent 4A and say 18/24v. That gets pretty huge quickly.

I had hoped to maybe find a Meanwell open chassis supply or something, but they are too big.

I then thought of just making the PSU as a separate DIN rail module or buying one complete.... but they are very hard to find and insane prices.

Any ideas? I think as a starting point, I will set the voltage requirement at a lowly 12v. Throw that though a bridge rectifier to get +12v and -12v.
I don't really understand how to calculate my power requirements.