PJRC store corrections


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I'd like to point out a few practical problems one might encounter when following the PJRC store recommendations.

1: Wiz adapter:

The PJRC wiznet adapter, despite recommending wiz850io, when stacked actually results in IC's that are in contact with each other. This is avoided by manually creating a spacing between them while soldering, which is different to the wiz820io modules. From previous posts indicating that PJRC's intentions for this product were for it to make it easy and convenient I thought it's worth mentioning that it isn't so.

2: Wiz adapter stacking pins on 3.5/6:

Are you aware that the recommended stacking pins for this adapter module don't actually fit beside the 3.5/6 processor despite the compatibility statement on the store? These need to be shaved down manually in order to fit beside the wider processor of the 3.5/6.

3: Wiz Adapter stacking pins:

A sizable problem for me resulted from the store not making it clear that the stacking pins aren't long enough to be socketable. The thickness of the teensy pcb combined with (even minimal) solder menisci renders the pins too short for reliable socket connections.

If you're going to continue to offer this product(I know that newer chipsets don't necessarily require it) then please make the store information accurate. The ethos of things just working is what brings me back to the teensy "brand" time and again, please make the products and their information reflect this.