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This is just depressing... last night and today I spent several hours assembling a number of custom Teensy's... and every single one is not responding to the loader.

I am afraid that I must be doing something fundamentally wrong with wiring connections, so I wonder if someone could be kind enough to compare my schematics to Pauls, hosted here.

For anyone interested in the relevant board section, it is below:

OK, off to pull out the logic analyzer, oscilloscope, and so on. (sigh)
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Hi Onehorse - They are switched re: the convention (if ordering per the pin number) but the actual pin connections are right. I've fixed the symbol nevertheless. The less confusion, the better.

Did some more review re: the schematic and found a real head slapper. The PTA3 and PTA0 signal lines (on the MK20) were swapped. Not sure if I can even attempt to solder this with wires. Very angry with myself.

All bootloading designs now feature two lines crossing over each other. Argh.

Thanks for your help!

I think I need a beer now.
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It's ALIVE!!!!

Now I need to thank whoever clued me into the existing of wire-wrapping wire. Used a sharp scapel to dig up the lines, then used WW wire to fix the switcheroo.... double blinkie going on.

Well, that's going to be tedious... but it'll save my employer several hundred bucks, so.... where is that beer again? :D
Thank you Tcottle, Very neat, Macaba!

FWIW, the wire-wrap approach worked - very tedious to get those wires to stick on their respective 0.5mm pins and yet not touch each other (they are adjacent on the bootloader chip). Here is a revised PCB...

For now, I'll live with my solitary via over/under rather than add a jumper 0805 or 0603 for PTA3 to jump over the PTA0 signal line. Seems to work despite long wire-wrap lines, so doesn't seem that sensitive...

Still wrestling however with transferring library files between the Mac and my Windows machine. Somehow the Unicode gets in the way, and I get null character warnings that make the Arduino IDE throw up. Copying and pasting the content of the file to Notepad followed by a local save doesn't seem to address the issue. Saving it in native Windows formats doesn't help. Weird!
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