Possibility of using FlexIOSPI with PlayFlashRaw


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I hope to adjust a copy of PlayFlashRaw (and all the necessary associated code) to use FlexIOSPI instead of SPI. The aim is to, using the higher clock speed possible with FlexIOSPI, increase the number of samples that can be played simultaneously without glitches in a situation where the samples are stored across several NOR flash chips (so, I can't use the FLASH slot on the underside of a Teensy 4.1). Before I look at it, does anyone know of any fundamental reason why it's not possible, or have any guidance on what I would need to do to get it to work? I have previously played samples from multiple flash chips simultaneously - it's the change to FlexIOSPI that I need to try. If I can get that to work with one chip, I can change it to work with more.

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