[posted] Gltich Delay - Eurorack audio module


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Here's a video of my WIP Eurorack module the Glitch Delay.

more details here: http://www.cutlasses.co.uk/tech/glitch-delay/

The effect consists of a standard delay line, or delay buffer, with multiple read heads that each read the audio in a different way. There is a feedback path, so the effected signal can be feedback into its self.

There are 2 types of read head:

Loop heads – These heads loop small sections of audio. There are 3 of these. One that plays the audio an octave lower, one at the original octave, and one an octave higher. The size of each of these loops can be adjusted (size dial), as can the amount the loops move each time the loop starts again (jitter dial)

Reverse head – This head plays the buffer in reverse at the original octave.

The top white button allows you to set a tap tempo. This forces the looping heads to jump to a new position on every beat.

The bottom white button is the ‘freeze’. This freezes the write head. No new audio will be written into the buffer, the old audio will remain. This essentially ‘locks-down’ the audio, so it can be tweaked without the buffer changing.

The board uses a Teensy 3.6 for all audio DSP, using the inbuilt ADC and DAC. A PIC chip is responsible for reading the values of the potentiometers, and communicates with the Teensy via I2C.

All code and schematics are available here https://github.com/cutlasses/