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Some more info on my project. Some here have seen it already on the fastLED forums and diy Christmas groups. For those who are not familiar I created a DMX (sacn e1.31) controller host board called the MegaPixel Controller. It’s intended for the entertainment market such as Christmas lights and DJ / Stage / theatre etc. I do plan on sellling the host boards as diy kits (assemble and pre assembled) My first batch was a success but component placement was a problem and I new it would be a start with improvements to be made. now on to phase two I redesigned the host controller board and getting it sent in for fab now. This one has the components mainly the Ethernet and octo rj45 in a better location. This should allow an easier diy case to be made for it. I will be working on a revision 2 for the receiver boards soon. The first picture shows the Rev1 board that I have been using and testing with. You can also see me placing components to make sure placement has proper spacing for teensy and W5200/w5500 module.

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Check my youtube videos including a large 1600 Matrix being used with the controller and receiver code using various programs such as Jinx, vixen, and xlights.. I also have used FPP (falcon Pi Player) with the MegaPixel Controller and testing so far works great.


Most importantly I want to thank Paul & Robbin and all of yuu that have made / contributed to teensy and the libraries to make it possible: Mark, Daniel & community at fastLED and Paul, manitou and community for their massive contribution to making this project for me possible .
Some More Progress. My Site is now up


I now have PCB only kits available. I will work on getting a step by step tutorial assembling them and getting the code running with software.
Couple videos

Last Year Testing. Roof trims and Porch railings being controlled by the controller
Making some progress on a SMD version of this project. Looks like a familiar form factor? :cool:

Megapixel controller

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Ethernet Dmx controller için yapmış olduğun kartı nasıl tedarik edebilirim. Eline saglik çok güzel olmuş.Ben jinx programında kullanmak istiyorum. Yardımcı olursan memnun olurum.
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