[Posted] ZX Spectrum Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller

Are there any good ZX Spectrum Emulators that can be used today for playing this kind of retro game? I want to download and play ZX Spectrum ROMs and to download ZX Spectrum Emulator for my PC (windows) to start playing these vintage games once again.
There are many on PC. I used Speccy the most known. Also nice FPGA projects.

In meanwhile, I could ported more emulators to the Teensy 4.0 using a PSRAM module.

Recently added PC engine, Gameboy, Sega Master System, Megadrive and AtariST are using it.

The list becomes bigger every day: Atari 2600,Odyssey,colecovision,Atari5200,Vectrex,NES,PCEngine,Sega Master System,Sega Game Gear,Sega Megadrive and Gameboy.
And for the computers: ZX81and spectrum, Atari800,C64,AtariST, 8086 XT.
Only theTeensy 4.0 could do them all!