Seemingly bricked Teensy-LC with Rust


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It seems that I've somehow managed to kill two Teensy-LC's using bad firmware (which I believed was impossible).

The code in question is in the following projects: (develop branch) (develop branch)

Everything can be built by cloning all three into the same directory, checking out the proper branches, and then running "make" in the blink project. You'll need the rust toolchain installed along with its thumbv6-none-eabi target.

From what I can tell, I messed up the linker script by ignoring the flashconfig section, and whatever garbage got put there messed *something* up. Everything seemed to work before the addition of the

#[exception] fn DefaultHandler ...

at the end of blink/src/

Now, I can't seem to get my board to go into bootloader mode. Nothing shows up in dmesg when I plug it in, press the button, or hold the button, plug it in, release the button.

At first, I thought that maybe I killed the board in some other manner, such as by shorting something I shouldn't have, so naturally, I tried flashing my second teensy-lc just to see what would happen. I now have two dead teensys :p


I just came across this thread:
Is it possible that I've managed to brick my board in the manner described?
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I should also note that I've also got a teensy 3.2 that I haven't started attempting to write custom firmware for that works just fine with the same USB cable, so I think that can be ruled out.

Any recovery ideas or am I just out two boards?