Soundfont SF2 runtime loader


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I have recently been working on a SF2 reader written in c++
to work together with AudioSynthWavetable
+ a C# testing software

While I have learned about the SF2 file format
I have fixed some export bugs in SoundFontDecoder
Written a similar tool in c# which also shows the "raw" contents of SF2 files
(the export function only prints the cpp+h exports in the tool)

The recent sf2reader
works by lazy loading the sf2 for minimal ram usage
and check for errors while also getting all
important pointers for the chunks

I have been testing it a little and it works ok, but think there is more cleanup to be made
specially when creating the final data structure that can be used with AudioSynthWavetable

I have noticed some crashes, so there is some more work to be done.

load times is visible in the screenshot for the C# test software
the time is measured in microseconds

my final goal is to try it with PSRAM for bigger and/or more instruments can be loaded at the same time