Testing Teensy/NeoTrellis for damage after sending 5v to GND


I'm using a Teensy 4.1 on a breadboard.

I accidently connected the 5v pin to the ground pin on my NeoTrellis boards (4 soldered together), there was a wisp of smoke and the computer it was connected to froze up (I guess where it tried to draw too much power from USB). The TFT display I had connected no longer works either.

Could the Teensy be damaged? It appears to be ok, loads sketches, onboard led blinks etc but I don't want to spend a load of cash replacing the screen and NeoTrellis boards and have them get fried again because the Teensy's power distribution is damaged somehow. Is there a way to check this?

Also, is there a way I can test if I have fried the NeoTrellis boards, using a multi meter maybe? I've de-soldered them and tried connecting each one individually but they are not starting, prior to my accident I had managed to get 2 of them to light up ok.