USB C PCB routing advice

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Hi everyone,
I'm planning to use this connector for a project with the Teensy4:

I have some questions on routing the PCB trace on both the A and B side. I have first routed it to the A side and made sure that the trace lengths are the same. But how should I go about routing it to the B side so that the USB C connector can be flipped? It's not possible to do a trace between the pins. If I do it like below, then would there be the adverse effect of having different trace lengths for the high speed signals?

Is there a better way to route the signal?

The D+ and D- traces are in purple/pink

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 12.41.47 PM.jpg
Don't do the short connection between A6 and B6 - go around the left side to get to B6.
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