USBHost_t3.6 is it reentrant


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My main question is: Is the USBHost_t3.6 library reentrant?

I'm using arduino-ide 2.3.2 with a teensy 4.1.
The task is to use an old motorized wheel chair as a base for a fire breathing dragon (propane).
So far we have a Logitech F710 talking to the teensy via the standard radio link and USBHost_t3.6.
The teensy software emulates the original wheel chair joystick and feeds signals to the original
wheelchair controller. The wheel chair controller expects an update every ~15 msec. Each update
takes 6 msec of UART. Not much time to handle USB joystick traffic.

Possible design choices:
Hardware changes:
- Replace the wheel chair controller with an generic smart H-bridge controller
requiring less signal hand-holding.
- Add another arduino to handle just the wheel chair controller.
Software changes:
- Introduce an rtos.
- Is USBHost_t3.6 reentrant? Can I add it to Freertos with a modest amount of work?
- Has anyone used ThreadX on the teensy 4.1. It appears to have a USB host driver.
Thanks for reading this.