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Thread: C# Library for Uploading Firmware from User Applications

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    C# Library for Uploading Firmware from User Applications

    Hello all,

    I'm currently working on a commercial project which will include a Teensy 3.1. As discussed a few times in the forum for many applications it is desirable to upload new firmware from within windows applications. I therefore wrote a little easy to use C# library which handles uploads to Teensy boards. For the protocol I used the algorithms from the Teensy_Loader_CLI. Communication with the board is done via Mike O'Brians HIDLibrary ( The lib is published it at GitHub (, VS2013 Solution).

    The usage is quite simple. Below you find some pseudo code showing the idea. A working test app is included in the repo
    var Board = PJRC_Board.Teensy_31;  // all boards implemented but only Teensy 3.1 tested so far           
    var FlashImage = SharpUploader.GetEmptyFlashImage(Board);  //Get an empty flash image with the correct size and all bytes cleared (i.e. set to 0xFF)    
    // Open the hex file, parse it and write the result into the image file
    var HexStream = File.OpenText(testfile);
    SharpHexParser.ParseStream(HexStream, FlashImage);    
    // Upload the image to the board and reboot
    int result = SharpUploader.Upload(FlashImage, Board, reboot: true);
    The Lib works nicely for T3.1. I don't have other Teensies so I couldn't test it for those boards. Any feedback, test results and improvement suggestions welcome

    Have fun
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