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Thread: [Teensy 3.6] Adding a gsm shield to a teensy.

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    [Teensy 3.6] Adding a gsm shield to a teensy.

    Hi guys!
    Im new to arduino programming (and programming in general).

    I recently got a teensy 3.6 and it literally blew me away. Easy to use, awesome tutorials, a joy to work with.
    However, I got this shield (h-nanoGsm) and I have no idea how to connect it to the teensy.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    My end goal is to use the teensy as a hid device and send commands to it via internet/ bluetooth. I was hoping to power the gsm shield directly from the teensy. Is this possible? And if so, could I please get some guidance setting it up?
    Also, if you have an idea as to how I could accomplish this (using a different gsm module), any pointers would be very appreciated.

    Edit: From what I've been able to gather, the GND pin of the gsm board would go to the GND on the teensy, while the TX, RX would go to digital pins on the teensy. The VUSB would go to the VIN pin?
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    Wow, that page uses a lot of different colors for its text!

    Looks like that module wants 5V power input (and makes the lower voltages it needs internally). So does Teensy 3.6.

    So you'll probably connect Teensy's VIN or VUSB pin to pin #6 on that module, and of course connect GND to GND.

    For serial communication, you'll also connect its pin 1 "RX(TXD)" to Teensy pin 0 (RX1) and its pin 2 "TX(RXD)" to Teensy pin 1 (TX1) and then use Serial1 to communicate with it. This is basically the same connection they recommend for Arduino boards. Code they publish for Arduino will probably "just work" on Teensy, with perhaps 1 minor caveat. On some Arduino boards, pin 0 & 1 are "Serial", on others they're "Serial1". On Teensy those are "Serial1". If you find example code that's written for one of Arduino's boards where those pins are "Serial" rather than "Serial1", you'll need to edit so it uses Serial1.

    Another possibility, probably much harder than using Serial1, might be to connect this module's USB port to the USB host port on Teensy 3.6, using this cable. Then you would use the USBHost_t36 library to communicate with the module. Exactly which USB serial protocol this module uses and whether than would be compatible with the serial driver in USBHost_t36, I do not know. But the board photo looks like it has one of the CP2xxx chips, so if you want to go with USB and you're willing to dive into editing example code to use a virtual driver port from USBHost_t36, USB-only might be possible.

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    I got an epilepsy attack reading the header of that page. )

    Thank you for your input. I was a little afraid to just try what i had in mind for fear of frying the board.
    Btw, I read that you basically kickstarted teensy? If so, congrats! Love it!

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