A Teensy 3.2 compatible board with a RGB, LiPo battery charger, Qwiic and USB-C


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Since the Teensy 3.2 is discontinued I think that I may be able to make some Teensy 3.2 compatible boards to help anyone who needs it. My board will include a LiPo battery charger, Qwiic and USB-C connectors.
The price is $25 each. The bootloader is $6.8 from PJRC, so the board is only $18.2. It's a big challenge to make it at $18.2 each in a small batch. The 20DX256 itself is about $10 each.

Below is the component placement.
2024-01-21 (1).png

The complete prototype can be done in 2 weeks. I will post the picture and test result by then. If anyone is interested please contact me at firebirduino@gmail.com
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