..Audio Delay.. HELP ME PLEASE !

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I have a question about audio delay in teensy. ı want to delay audio signal. ıhave 3 buttons. All buttons will supplies a delay (50 ms , 70 ms , 200 ms) how can ı do this ? Can you help me please ? Can you share the codes of program :(
First, please watch the 48 minute tutorial video.


Pay close attention to the section about delays, and about how you use the design tool to find detailed info (for example, about the delay object....)

If that doesn't make the answer obvious, at least you'll have a much better idea of how things work, so you can ask more specific questions.
Also pay close attention to the parts about Mixers, especially later with the filters and oscillators where mixers are demonstrated as a way to route signals. Also make sure you watch the stuff about how the Bounce library reads buttons.

Hopefully you'll see how you could put these pieces together to (pretty easily) accomplish your goal?
ı watched all of the video. ( File > Examples > Audio > Tutorial.) ı couldnt find totarial . there is a problem . 12804700_10153959478972241_6268791829509794351_n.jpg
oh ı understandd. ı watched all video. there are alot of eamples in video. but ı couldnt supply codes of examples (part 2.5 - simple delay. ) can you have program codes of simple delay ?
Also, you must select Teensy 3.1/3.2 in the Tools > Boards menu.

The File > Examples menu shows only the examples for whatever board you have selected. The Teensy Audio Library only appears in the menu when you have a Teensy board selected.
I Configured Arduino for Teensy 3.2. In Arduino select Tools > Boards > Teensy 3.2/3.1 BUT couldnt find this files. there is a mistake. 12804700_10153959478972241_6268791829509794351_n.jpg
Can you show a screenshot of your Tools > Boards menu?

Edit: Or, perhaps you have another library in your Documents/Arduino/libraries folder? Anything you install there will override all the libraries inside Arduino. If you have a non-Teensy lib named "Audio" in that location, it will interfere.
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