AudioInputSPDIF3 to a SPDIF output


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I know that AudioInputSPDIF3 says that it won't work with most outputs, but I would like to be able to use one SPDIF input and one SPDIF output, where the output clock matches the input clock and no other audio I/O is used. Has anyone tried to do this? Does the architecture make this a hopelessly difficult task?
Hi, I don't think that it is hopeless and if I remember correctly somebody did that in this thread:
Also, the reference manual describes how to use the spdif input to clock other peripherals like the spdif output:
It seems like that pull-request mentioned in the other thread will do what I want. I prefer not to have to change the files in the Teensy Audio library because it's hard to maintain when updates take place. I will have to check out the PR and see if there's some way to change the SPDIF output clock source to the SPDIF input after it's already been initialized to use the internal 44.1kHz clock.